How To Use a Workout Journal

So after reading all my posts about getting into shape you’re ready to take the leap, but how do you get started?

My advice is to pick up a workout journal as soon as possible. You can pick these up at your local gym or online- but don’t feel pressured to buy a special journal if you don’t want to. A regular lined notebook can accomplish the same purpose- I’m just one of those nerds who likes to be extra organized.

A workout journal is an essential tool to use if you are serious about getting into shape. The most important reason is that it serves as your memory book. Have you ever done a series of workouts at the gym on 5-6 pieces of equipment, at a certain weight for each set, then come back 3-5 days later and wanted to replicate that same awesome workout that you did last time?

Unless you have a stellar memory, chances are you probably won’t remember the specifics of each set you did. That’s why a workout journal is so vitally important. If you write your workouts down in it then you don’t need to rack your brain over what you did or how much weight you used for each set!

Here is an example from a workout I did today whilst at the gym.


Because I know that I won’t remember all variations of weight that I did for each of these six exercises, I wrote them down so I don’t have to worry about it. This takes all of the guesswork out of weight lifting.

And the second awesome thing that a workout journal can do for you is help you track how much you’ve grown/progressed!


While I was only lifting 40 pounds on the Pec Fly machine today, if I can push myself to 45 or 50 pounds next week then it will be easy to track my growth and performance.

Workout journals can be a great way to keep motivated at the gym because you can see your changes and improvements each week as they are happening. Motivation is vital when starting out any new exercise routine, and seeing the numbers go up every time you workout can be really inspiring to keep it up.

So let’s do this! Let’s get in shape for a better 2017!




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