I did it. I passed my personal trainer exam!

Hello everyone. I just got the good news, and I’m so excited I thought I would share this joy with all of you.

I actually did it. I passed my ISSA personal trainer exam and am now officially a certified trainer!


A big thank you goes out to The Purple Almond for helping to give me the push I needed several months ago when I was still on the fence about going into this program. As you may know, I have a heart defect, so I was worried that no one would want me as a trainer because of this disability. But Tamara was so kind in her insight- that it ended up being the support I needed to go forward with that dream.

And now that dream is a reality!

Thank you to everyone who stood by me during this process, and I promise to continue to help you all lead happier, healthier lives!




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Hello everyone! Welcome to my webpage. This site is dedicated to helping people learn to lead more active lifestyles. I incorporate a mixture of Pilates, weight training, body weight movements and stretches to meet and exceed client expectations.

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