I’m Writing A Book!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the start of a new series for my blog. I’ve decided to write a book about my heart condition from a medical and personal trainer standpoint, as there doesn’t seem to be much literature out there that is easy to find and digest.


This idea was born when I took a trip to my local bookstore to do some research on my heart condition (you can never have enough information when you suffer from a medical condition), and was dismayed at how little information the heart health section contained. There were several books that covered AFib, the condition I live with, but they were tiny sections within larger texts on general heart conditions or general heart health issues.

Upon seeing this I was inspired to write a simple guide to understanding and living with this health concern. Since I’m not a doctor, I can only reference the works of others in terms of medical treatments and common symptoms. However, as a personal trainer, I can create dietary and exercise plans for this health condition that I found most books to me lacking.


Please let me know what you think about this process and if you would be interested in seeing snippets of the book on this blog. When the book is complete I’ll be selling copies on Amazon for less than $2 so everyone can benefit from this information.

Until then, happy reading!




P.S. Be sure to check out my Instagram account @fey_fitness for a sneak peak into my daily life!


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