Excerpt from My Book: Exercise Bikes- Ride Your Way to a Better Heart!

Stationary bikes are a great way for people with health problems to ease into an aerobic fitness routine. Whether it be a bad back or a heart condition, people with limited capacities for strenuous physical exertion can benefit from this form of cardio workout.

Toe Touch Your Way To Better Abs!

In case your core routine is in need of a new exercise, why not try adding some Toe Touches to your workout for some abdominal muscle variety?

Grocery Haul for the Week of September 24th, 2017.

Hello and welcome friends to another edition of Cooking with Fey!
I went to the grocery store today and thought I would film what delicious food I picked up for the coming week.

Tone That Core With Crunches!

Hello and welcome everyone to another Fey Fitness video! In this tutorial I will show you the proper technique for performing a crunch.

Grocery Haul for the Week of September 17th, 2017

I was pretty darn hungry when I got out of the gym today, so I dropped by the store and picked up some yummy things to make for dinner tonight.

Excerpt From My Book: Get Off That Couch!

Most Americans spend a lot of time siting. We sit at work, in the car commuting, and again once we get home. While it may feel good in the moment, all that sitting around actually poses a high risk to both your heart and your body.

Tone Those Obliques And Flatten That Tummy With A Russian Twist!

Hello and welcome to another edition of Fey Fitness!
As I’ve mentioned before, your abs need a variety of exercises in order to get them in tip top shape. This is simply due to the nature of the muscles’ size, location, and function. Luckily, we can hit these larger muscle groups, the abdominis and obliques, by performing a Russian Twist.

Vegan Rice Pudding with Only Four (4) Ingredients

Today I wanted to show you all how to add a healthy twist to one of my favorite comfort foods- rice pudding. This version is vegan friendly and uses only four ingredients, so it is ridiculously quick and easy to make.

Donkey Kicks for a Sexy Butt and Thighs

Hello and welcome everyone to another episode of Fey Fitness! Today I will show you all how to do a common exercise for strengthening and shaping the butt and thigh area. This move is called a donkey kick, and is perfect for beginners to add to their lower body routine.

DIY Fairy Light Vase

Hello and welcome everyone to another Fey Fitness video. As you can see from the video title, today’s video is going to be a little different than our normal Sunday cooking film. My hubby and I were out today shopping for random things we needed for our home when I stumbled upon some fairy lights and a beautiful vase at our local Michael’s.