Self Talk and Communication Styles for Your Health

For those of you that know me, I still work a full time job while striving to achieve my dream of being a full time personal trainer for those of us with atrial fibrillation. And my day job is in an industry known for being high-stress and with a high-burnout rate.

Because of this my organization takes health and wellness seriously. We often have specialists come and talk to us about topics like: work/life balance, stress reduction, time management and most recently, self talk.

The conversation really hit home for me because I’ve been doing a lot of self talk lately about my goals for Fey Fitness in 2018. I love helping people, but being a business owner isn’t a skill set I have yet, so there’s a lot of introspection regarding this. Today’s discussion at work got me thinking and I thought I would share the notes I took today in case they are helpful to others.


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“Self talk”

Be mindful of your conversations with yourself.  Notice what message you say to yourself throughout the day.  What positive statements can you substitute for negative self talk.

Examples – Negative or Positive self talk

“I have too much to do”                or         “I will put together a realistic plan for the day”

“1st things 1st”

“I am doing my best”

“Things will never change”      or           “I will do arrange a time talk with x about x”

                                                                   “How can I make this better?”

                                                                   “I have the choice to accept”



Communication styles

Be keen and to yours and others communication styles and traits. Tailor your messages to their style.


·      High level of emotional self-control, low-level assertiveness

·      Precise, deliberate and systematic approach

·      Industrious, objective and well-organized workers

·   Approach with agenda, quiet and serious

·   Focus on task and accuracy


·      High level of emotional self control and assertiveness

·      Decisive, results-oriented and competitive

·      Independent and able to get things done

·   Approach with objective, business like

·   Focus on task and conclusions


·      High level of emotional responsiveness, low-level assertiveness

·      Sympathetic and empathetic to others

·      Trust others

·      Approach with personal comment, friendly, casual

·      Focus on relationship and agreement


·   High level emotional responsiveness and assertiveness

·   “Big picture” people, innovators and risk-takers

·   Ability to charm, persuade and inspire people

·      Approach with compliment, fast moving pace

·      Focus on relationship, intentions and inspiration

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