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Spice Up Your Lower Body Exercise Routine With Monster Walks!

Monster walks are a fun way to mix up your lower body workout routine and active the hip and glute muscles. This exercise is primarily used in sports medicine as a rehab exercise, but I find it very useful to use with my clients who have desk jobs. For those who sit for long hours at a time, the hip muscles can become stiff and tight. This makes it harder to perform certain exercises and decreases the range of motion and functionality of the hip joints.

Monster Walks are great because they not only work the hip extensors and abductors, but because of the important role this exercise can play increasing the stability and function of the entire kinetic chain.

There are several variations of the monster walk, and today I will talk about the two most basic. Banded and un-banded Monster Walks.

How To Perform a Monster Walk:

  1. Come into a low squat position with feet shoulder width (or wider) apart. Keep your chest up and your booty low.
  2. Step to the side with your left foot as far as you can while keeping the booty as low as possible.
  3. Bring the right foot to the left to keep the feet shoulder width apart.
  4. Continue walking in this manner for two to five steps, then repeat the motion in the other direction.
  5. Perform these walks for 8-15 reps and 3 sets.


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