Enhance Your Core with Stability Ball Roll-Ins

Hello and welcome everyone to another edition of Fey Fitness! Today I am teaching you how to do an intermediate level core workout that will focus on balance and stability, in addition to strengthening your abs. This movement is called a Stability Ball Roll-In and it is a fun and challenging exercise! Also, this exercise is perfect for those of us with Atrial Fibrillation, as it will not spike our heart rate during the movements. Just be careful getting down onto the ground and back up again if you have severe AFib, or problems with your blood pressure. Remember, slow and steady wins the fitness race!


Why Do a Stability Ball Roll-In?

  • Using the stability ball (also called a yoga ball) forces the body to stabilize and balance itself during the exercise. This means you get better balance in your everyday life as a result of incorporating challenging exercises like this into your workout routine. Activities like climbing stairs, hiking and running are all improved from better balance and core strength.
  • Being on your hands for this exercise works both your arms and shoulder joints to make them stronger because they are holding up your bodyweight throughout the exercise. Think of it like doing a decline plank in this aspect.
  • The lower back gets a workout from the in and out motion of this exercise to help keep your core tight and engaged. A stronger lower back can reduce pain and the chances of injury when doing other exercises, like squats.
  • Finally, this exercise is amazing for your ab muscles! Using your core to balance, stabilize and bring the knees to your chest is an awesome workout that will lead to strong, toned core muscles.


How to Perform a Stability Ball Roll-In:

  1. Get your stability ball and come into a decline plank position with your shins/feet on the ball and your hands shoulder width apart under your shoulders.
  2. Keep the core nice and tight.
  3. Exhale slowly and bring your knees in towards your chest as far as you can go.
  4. As you inhale, use your core to straighten the legs back out into the starting position.
  5. Repeat this motion for 20 reps and 3 sets.

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