Lemons for Health and Wellness

On this lovely Friday we are going to continue exploring iconic summer foods and dive into the nutrition and importance of an underutilized item in the kitchen- lemons.

Calm Shell for Outer Thighs and IT Bands

Today I am teaching you how to do a beginner level hip abduction and IT Band workout called a Banded Clam Shell.

America’s favorite summer food, strawberries

In today’s entry I’ll be discussing America’s favorite summer food, strawberries, and it’s nutritional value to your lifestyle.

Beginner Hamstring Roll-Ins on a Stability Ball

Hello and welcome everyone to another edition of Fey Fitness! Today I am teaching you how to do a beginner level hamstring and glute workout called a Stability Ball Hamstring Roll-In.

Cooking with Fey Revival!

Hello and welcome everyone to the revival of the Cooking with Fey segment! This revival will be a little different than the original series, in that I will outline a new food and how to use it in recipes each week.

Leg Day Challenge: The Baby Deer

Today I have a challenge for you all! The Baby Deer is a leg day burnout that I’ve been having my clients perform recently, and they’ve really loved it. So I thought I would extend the offer to you all to perform this lower body challenge as well to see how you liked it.

Wall Squats: Body Weight Exercise for Knee Injuries

Today I am teaching you how to do a beginner level leg exercise called a Wall Squat. Wall Squats are the perfect exercise for someone with knee injuries or heart conditions, as it is easy on the knee joint and low impact on the heart so as not to complicate cardiac conditions.