Cooking with Fey Revival!

Hello and welcome everyone to the revival of the Cooking with Fey segment! This revival will be a little different than the original series, in that I will outline a new food and how to use it in recipes each week. My goal is to publish a new entry to this series every Friday, so check back each week for new publications and info!



And don’t worry, each Tuesday will still be a new Fey Fitness workout tutorial. This series will just be in addition to the great content you’ve already been getting each week!



Also be on the lookout for fun collaborations between myself and other bloggers. My goal is to make this a fun way to learn about nutrition and make healthier food choices that easily fit into your current lifestyle.



If you have comments and input please let me know! This blog is all about keeping the comment relevant to you and your needs, so feel free to reach out to me so I can better do that.


That’s all for now, I just wanted to let you in on this exciting opportunity so you can mark your calendars for next week’s post!


Until then, have a wonderful day!






P.S.  My Patreon page is now live, so please go show some love there as well. I’d like to make some upgrades to my videos to enhance your viewing pleasure, and any support would be greatly appreciated!





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