Nutrition Series Hiatus: Fey Fitness Life Update!

Hello everyone and thank you again for your continued patience with my intermittent posting to my nutrition series lately. There are a few big life changes going on for me right now that have lead to me deciding to put this series on a hiatus for the rest of May and the entire month of June.


Here is what is going on (in a nutshell):

1. I am working hard to finish up my Pilates teacher training program.

2. We recently had two coworkers quit at work and I’m working seven days a week to help fill in shifts. This has left me with zero time for myself to do the things I normally enjoy doing- like the nutrition series.

3. In June I am moving to a different home and am currently spending what little free time I do have packing.

4. In June I am going on a business trip for five days and will not have access to my computer or the internet.


So as you can see life is a little hectic for me right now. My goal is to jump back into my nutrition series once these life changes are complete and I can refocus on doing the things that I love.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding!







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Hello everyone! Welcome to my webpage. This site is dedicated to helping people learn to lead more active lifestyles. I incorporate a mixture of Pilates, weight training, body weight movements and stretches to meet and exceed client expectations.

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