Playful Morning Stretches on a Pilates EXO Chair and ASMR Sounds!

Hello and welcome everyone to another edition of Fey Fitness! Today I thought I would show you all my morning stretching routine that I do each day now that I have a Pilates EXO Chair in my fitness filming room. You by no means need to incorporate this exact routine into your life, but I hope this segment inspires you to create your own stretching routine each morning. It really is a great way to start your day!

And, just for fun, I tried to make the stretching series of this video in an ASMR theme to help you relax as you watch. Let me know what you think!

Why Do Morning Stretches?

  • When we sleep at night, our muscles experience a reduction in tone and fluid levels. So stretching helps this lost fluid to be reabsorbed back into the muscle tissue to revitalize it.
  • Additionally, our muscles can become stiff from lack of use overnight, so stretching helps our tissues recalibrate the feedback mechanisms that determine our normal muscle range of motion.

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