Fey Fitness Free 30-Minute Mat Pilates Class (Recorded 3-28-2020)

Hi everyone and welcome to a Pilates inspired Fey Fitness episode! Since many of us are in quarantine due to the Corona Virus, I have started filming videos online so my clients can continue their Pilates journey with me. And I wanted to share these workouts with you! So please join me for today’s class.Continue reading “Fey Fitness Free 30-Minute Mat Pilates Class (Recorded 3-28-2020)”

Silly At Home Covid-19 Quarantine Workout!

Hello everyone! Here’s a little snipet of an at home workout you can do with some extra bottles of wine you have laying around for your quarantine (optional day drinking afterwards)! Try doing: 15-20 squat wine raises 20 lunges with bicep curls 15-20 sumo squats with hug a tree arms Repeat for 4 sets andContinue reading “Silly At Home Covid-19 Quarantine Workout!”