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No Videos During Thanksgiving Holiday

Hi Everyone, I won’t be posting any fitness videos the last two weeks of this month as I am traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday. I look forward to seeing you back in December!

Fitness Videos · My Life

No Fitness Video Today

Hi everyone!

As you saw in the video, I’m covering for a coworker today and can’t film a video this week. Don’t worry, life will go back to normal next week and there will be a new exercise for you all.


Fitness Videos · My Life

June Channel Update! (Moving, Travel and More)

Hello everyone and welcome to what would normally be a Fey Fitness video. As you may remember from previous videos, I have a lot going on in my personal life right now and as a result I am going to take the entire month of June off from making fitness videos.

This doesn’t mean this channel is in trouble of being abandoned or forgotten, but I have a few major life changes going on this month that are zapping all of my time and energy. So to get my private life settled I am taking a break from positing fitness videos until I can find that balance again in July.

For anyone curious, during the month of June I am:
Moving into my own apartment
Helping coordinate an annual Pilates conference
Working seven (7) days a week with about 50 hours each week in work

All of this means I barely have enough time to sleep and eat, and filming/editing videos is just not an option right now.

Thank you all for your patience and I’ll see you back in July!


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Nutrition Series Hiatus: Fey Fitness Life Update!

Hello everyone and thank you again for your continued patience with my intermittent posting to my nutrition series lately. There are a few big life changes going on for me right now that have lead to me deciding to put this series on a hiatus for the rest of May and the entire month of June.


Here is what is going on (in a nutshell):

1. I am working hard to finish up my Pilates teacher training program.

2. We recently had two coworkers quit at work and I’m working seven days a week to help fill in shifts. This has left me with zero time for myself to do the things I normally enjoy doing- like the nutrition series.

3. In June I am moving to a different home and am currently spending what little free time I do have packing.

4. In June I am going on a business trip for five days and will not have access to my computer or the internet.


So as you can see life is a little hectic for me right now. My goal is to jump back into my nutrition series once these life changes are complete and I can refocus on doing the things that I love.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding!







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Professional Development Opportunity! Training Weekend.

 Hello and welcome everyone to what would normally be another article in my nutrition series! Today I’m starting my monthly three day training program, so there won’t be any nutrition article today.

In case you missed my first post on the topic, I’ve been awarded an opportunity through the studio I work at to take a professional Pilates instructor course! I am thrilled and feel so blessed to be given this amazing experience to progress my professional career as a trainer. This scholarship is only presented once a year to employees who show merit and a passion for fitness, so it was a dream come true to be given such a rare gift. It’s an amazing feeling, and one I am currently finding hard to put into words.

The only downside to this program is that one Friday a month I won’t be able to post my normal nutrition blog because I’ll be away from the internet and in training.

Not to worry, the rest of the month will remain unscathed, and you can expect blog entries on the regularly scheduled time and format.

Thank you for your patience with this wonderful growth opportunity I’ve been blessed with, and I look forward to posting another entry next week as life returns to normal.