Atrial Fibrillation Approved Grocery Haul for December 3rd, 2017!

Today I thought I would share with you a grocery haul that is perfect for those of us with Atrial Fibrillation. When shopping for groceries with Atrial Fibrillation, try to stick with fresh fruits and vegetables and unprocessed meats. The goal is to eat food in as close to it’s nature state as possible, so try to avoid foods found in boxes or cans.

Grocery Haul for the Week of August 13th!

Hello and welcome friends to another edition of Cooking with Fey! I just returned from the grocery store and thought I would share with you what I’m eating this week in hopes of inspiring you to continue to eat healthy and continue on with your fitness journey. As always, please like and subscribe to thisContinue reading “Grocery Haul for the Week of August 13th!”

Mini Grocery Haul: What I’m eating this weekend

Hello and welcome everyone to another edition of Cooking with Fey. On my way home from work today I realized that I’m running low on protein here at home, so I swung by my local Asian grocery store to pick up a few items.

Natsu has been enjoying all this spring rain.

Rain means mom doesn’t want to go out as much. So Natsu has been enjoying more snuggle time this spring since I tend to spend all of my free time with her when I’m in the house. However, she does get cranky when I stop petting her to take pictures.