Plank Elevators: An Advanced Core and Leg Workout!

Hello and welcome everyone to another edition of Fey Fitness! Today I am teaching you how to do an advanced plank exercise that I call a Plank Elevator.

Swimmer Exercise for a Toned Core and Booty!

Hello and welcome to another episode of Fey Fitness! In today’s video I will teach you how to perform a Swimmer Exercise. The Swimmer is a fabulous exercise because it works the erector spinae, latissimus dorsii, glutes, hamstrings as well as the deltoid, trapezius and tricep muscles- wow, what a list of amazing benefits for this exercise!

Plank Heel Lifts for a Total Body Burn

Hello and welcome everyone to another edition of Fey Fitness! Today I am teaching you how to do a plank heel raise that is perfect for any fitness level.

Spice Up Your Lower Body Exercise Routine With Monster Walks!

Monster walks are a fun way to mix up your lower body workout routine and active the hip and glute muscles. This exercise is primarily used in sports medicine as a rehab exercise, but I find it very useful to use with my clients who have desk jobs.

Safely Perform a Squat to Overhead Press with Dumbbells

Ah, the bodyweight squat. It’s a definite fundamental exercise in any fitness enthusiast’s repertoire. Once you have the basics down there are a whole host of variations you can use to keep the exercise relevant and interesting.

Bent Over Barbell Row With Arm Twist For Back And Spine Health

In today’s video I will demonstrate how to perform a bent over barbell row using dumbbells. I love row exercises. There are oodles of variations you can do to achieve a ton of different outcomes, all dependent on your fitness goals.

Single Arm Standing Cable Press for Back Health

Ah, the back. It may be one of the largest planes of the body, but it is often forgotten by many fitness enthusiasts. Why, you might ask? Mainly because it isn’t seen very often. When most people think of fit, lean bodies they think of the “showcase muscles”. Muscles such as the pecs, biceps, triceps, or anterior deltoids.

Standing Bicycle Crunches for Core Strength and Balance, a Senior Approved Exercise!

The Standing bicycle crunch is a great variation of the traditional Bicycle Crunch (where you lay on the floor on your back) for those individuals who are experiencing difficulty with mobility or who want to improve their balance.