Leafy Recipes Series: Amazing Arugula for Better Health!

After two snow storms in less than a week, I’m officially ready for warm weather and spring! So today let’s continue our Leafy Recipe Series by talking about the leafy green, arugula.

Ward Off Bad Health With Oranges

With flu season sneaking up on us, I thought we should talk about the first fruit that comes to mind when we think about boosting our immune system- oranges.

Vegan and Gluten Free Cabbage Soup

Today I will share with you my favorite cabbage soup recipe. These last few days it’s been snowing here in the Pacific Northwest, which is unheard of for us so early in the year. So I thought I would make some comfort food that is both heart healthy and tasty to make it through this bizarre weather.

Supercharge Your Diet with Brussel Sprouts!

Hello and welcome everyone to another episode of Cooking with Fey. Today we are going to go back to the basics with a Cooking Basics 101 video for one of my favorite vegetables- the brussel sprout.

Mini Grocery Haul: What I’m eating this weekend

Hello and welcome everyone to another edition of Cooking with Fey. On my way home from work today I realized that I’m running low on protein here at home, so I swung by my local Asian grocery store to pick up a few items.

Cooking Basics 101: Pan Fried Chicken

Today in our Cooking Basics 101 series we are learning how to cook chicken in a pan on the stove top. If you’ve always struggled with this please continue watching for tips and tricks!

What I Eat in a Week: Cold Weather Edition

To help you all stay inspired to eat healthy I thought I would share with you what I am going to be eating this week. It’s super cold here in Western Washington, so I’m focusing a lot on crock pot meals and savory soups.