Silly At Home Covid-19 Quarantine Workout!

Hello everyone! Here’s a little snipet of an at home workout you can do with some extra bottles of wine you have laying around for your quarantine (optional day drinking afterwards)! Try doing: 15-20 squat wine raises 20 lunges with bicep curls 15-20 sumo squats with hug a tree arms Repeat for 4 sets andContinue reading “Silly At Home Covid-19 Quarantine Workout!”

DIY Fairy Light Vase

Hello and welcome everyone to another Fey Fitness video. As you can see from the video title, today’s video is going to be a little different than our normal Sunday cooking film. My hubby and I were out today shopping for random things we needed for our home when I stumbled upon some fairy lights and a beautiful vase at our local Michael’s.

Product Review: Women’s Self Defense Tools

Hello and welcome everyone to another episode of Fey Fitness! Today we are unboxing some tools I purchased from a women’s self defense website. These items would be perfect for protecting yourself against an attack and are a great preventative measure to keep handy.

Natsu has been enjoying all this spring rain.

Rain means mom doesn’t want to go out as much. So Natsu has been enjoying more snuggle time this spring since I tend to spend all of my free time with her when I’m in the house. However, she does get cranky when I stop petting her to take pictures.