Mat Pilates At Home Workout! No Props Needed. Total Body Fitness! *FREE* 50 Min 9/01/2020

Happy September everyone!
Covid-19 is still a big deal here in America, and with many fitness studios still offering virtual classes I thought I would continue to share my online mat Pilates classes with you all.

*FREE* 50 Min Mat Pilates At Home Workout! Light Dumbbells Needed. Total Body Fitness! 8/17/2020

Welp folks, it looks like the Corona Virus is here to stay for a bit longer. Since the vast majority of my clients are all still virtual I thought I would continue to put out these Pilates classes for you as well in case you also don’t feel comfortable going back to a brick and mortar gym yet.

Resistance Band Teaser and Back Workout

Hello and welcome everyone to another edition of Fey Fitness! In this video we are exploring another intermediate level resistance band exercise that will target both the abdominal muscles and back.

Nutrition Series Hiatus: Fey Fitness Life Update!

Hello everyone and thank you again for your continued patience with my intermittent posting to my nutrition series lately. There are a few big life changes going on for me right now that have lead to me deciding to put this series on a hiatus for the rest of May and the entire month of June.

Almost Done With Pilates Training Program!

For those of you who have been following along with my weekly nutrition series and seen that on some recent weekends I’ve had to postpone writing blogs for a professional development opportunity- the end is officially in sight!

Professional Development Opportunity! Training Weekend.

Hello and welcome everyone to what would normally be another article in my nutrition series! Today I’m starting my three day training program, so there won’t be any nutrition article today.

No Nutrition Blog Post Today: Fey is Sick!

Hello and welcome everyone to my nutrition series. Unfortunately all the pollen brought forth by spring flowers is attacking my body and making me sick.

Leafy Recipes Series: Italian Cooking Adventure with Broccoli Rabe!

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of Cooking with Fey! Spring is here! So to put that extra bounce in my step I would like us to take a culinary trip to the Italian countryside and talk about zesty broccoli rabe.

Leafy Recipes Series: Mysterious Mustard Greens for Better Health!

After surviving yet another round of snow in my area, I’m officially dreaming of warmer days and some summer sun. To help ease my imagination into warmer daydreams, let’s explore the mysterious leafy green called Mustard Greens.

Leafy Recipes Series: Southern Collard Greens for Better Health!

Collard greens are a part of the cruciferous family (think kale, Brussel sprouts and cabbage). Foods from the cruciferous family are amazing for digestive health and pack a punch in terms of other health benefits.